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GUE UK Launch Facebook Community

This year sees the launch of a facebook community, which is already proving incredibly popular, with over 250 members. The community exists not only to inform people about upcoming courses, and trips organised by GUE-UK, but also a place for GUE divers to interact, sell and buy gear, organise trips of their own, or just find someone to go diving with. There is also a chat room, and there is a often a GUE instructor around if you have a question that just needs an answer. So click on the image above, and come and say hello.

New Instructors for 2012

We're delighted to welcome Renato Reseta and James Sanderson to the GUE UK instructor team. Both bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, and both are passionate divers as well as educators. You can read all about .....

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    GUE Fundamentals

    Fundamentals, or fundies, is the most popular GUE course. Open to qualified divers of all levels, this course will make you a better, stronger, safer diver, and take your diving skills to a new level. 

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    Tech One

    Tech One is the ideal course for UK sea divers who have already taken and passed GUE Fundamentals. Extend your diving into the realm of trimix decompression, and test your skills to the limit. 

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    Cave One

    If overhead environment diving is your thing, whether it be deep inside a cave, or deep inside a wreck, the GUE Cave One class will give you the skills you need to explore and come home safely. 

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Upcoming Classes

GUE classes are always in high demand, but the instructor team try to run courses regularly enough to suit everyone.  

The instructors will always set up a course to meet your needs if possible, but you can also see a list of those courses already organised to see if one works for you. Just have a look at the GUE website.

Upcoming Dives

GUE-UK have moved with the times and all dives are now organised through the facebook community. this gives everyone a central place where they can see everything that has organised, join trips, or even set one up of their own.

To see what we've got on, have a look at the facebook group.


GUE Introduction Video

This ten minute video will tell you all you need to know about GUE, where it came from, where it is going, and why so many divers choose to train with GUE


GUE Training Video

GUE has a very unique approach to training, with extremely high standards of education and safety. This video will tell you what makes GUE different


GUE Experience Day - 2011

Have a look and see what happens when ten people who are curious about GUE turn up to one of our experience days around the country


GUE Fundamentals Skills

Ever wondered what skills are required for GUE Fundamentals. Watch some GUE instructors and divers going through their paces


Website Development

This website has been designed and developed by the GUE instruction team. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please let us know via the contact page.    Images for the website supplied by Gareth Lock of images of life and also by David Stringer, Imogen Burrows and Gareth Burrows.